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Pre-Sale: Scrub Runners by Shifts

What if we told you the perfect sneaker for medical professionals did exist?

Shifts was born out of necessity from years of all-day standing and trying nearly every single 'comfort' or 'work' shoe on the market...

Orthopedically designed to keep you comfortable for 14-hour shifts:

Ortholite Insole — Prevents fatigue and pain over long periods of time.
Robust Midsole — First used by Adidas in 2013 due to “energy return” traits.
Adjustable Sides — Bespoke standing or moving fit by loosening/tightening.
Deep Cushion Heel — Aligns feet and limits excessive side-to-side movements.
Wider Toe Box — Reduces discomfort in toes and balls of feet while in motion.


After extensive tests on countless brands and different combinations of materials, Snibbs partnered with OrthoLite®, one of the world’s leading eco-friendly insole manufacturers over the past 20 years to provide Snibbs a unique double molded multilayer design.

This mixture of layers provides both a fantastic first step-in feeling and a supportive foundation which help your Snibbs to prevent fatigue and pain over long periods.


Stay at the top of your game with footwear that’s comfortable, functional and stylish.



Maximum Comfort

Designed for hardworking feet.

Breathable Fabric

Made to keep your feet dry and blister-free.

Machine Washable

Easy-to-clean after a long shift.


So nothing stands in your way.



Tread lightly on the planet



Prototype - done ✅

Mass Production - in progress 🏭 

Shipping - estimated delivery to you: September-October 2021 🎁💨